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Employer-Centered Onsite Clinics

Just as the patient is at the center of care offered by Ministry/Affinity, the employer is at the heart of shaping the Onsite Clinic initiative offered by Ministry Medical Group/Affinity Medical Group (MMG/AMG). For over 20 years, MMG/AMG has been placing providers onsite, meeting the needs of employers in the community.MMG/AMG Onsite Clinics are part or full time facilities that provide healthcare to employees and dependants. MMG/AMG Onsite Clinics are staffed by Ministry Medical Group providers, which ensures service excellence and the same high quality care experienced throughout all of Ministry/Affinity. Since onsite clinics are managed by MMG/AMG, patient security and privacy is guaranteed.

MMG/AMG Onsite Clinics offer to the employer quality healthcare with an emphasis on care coordination, communication and outcomes that are measureable and meaningful to the employer. MMG/AMG has experienced great success working as a team with the employer to determine a strategy that will have the greatest impact. MMG/AMG does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution; but rather a strategic, thoughtful and data driven approach that will have a true impact, not only on healthcare spend, but on the health status of the employee population. With MMG/AMG, the employer will experience a personalized service with the backing of an entire healthcare system that is available to the extent the employer chooses.

"It’s so important for us to be able to provide great health coverage at a very low cost to our associates. We need help, we can’t do it on our own, and that’s where [MMG/AMG] comes into play."
-Sherri Flaker, VP HR Worzalla

"There have been many stories of people who’ve avoided much more serious illnesses or injuries by taking advantage of those services onsite."
-Jim Fetherston, President Worzalla

"I know that having direct access to all the providers that I have here, I’m 100% more active, I haven’t missed a day of work since I started to get the treatment, and every day instead of being just barely able to get through, I know I can get through the day."
-Scott, Employee at Worzalla

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