Ministry Health Care

Ergonomic Consultation

Ministry's Industrial Rehabilitation staff offers ergonomic consultation in industrial and office settings.

Our staff work with your employees to assess their jobs and identify ergonomic risk factors and solutions.

We teach the importance of behavioral modifications as well as environmental modifications so employees can identify immediate approaches to improving ergonomics when ever possible until environmental solutions can be put into place.


Industrial Ergonomic Program

Our staff will come to work with your employees to determine ergonomic solutions for injury prevention. We will work with you to modify our standard program to fit your needs.


Standard Program

Step 1: Education for the employees with the goal to increase awareness to what types of stressors increase our risk of injury. Employees learn information that they can utilize to begin identifying stressors in their work area.

Step 2: Visits to the work areas to assess the work area for ergonomic risk factors. Interaction with employees and facilitation of their identifying any stressors that exist. We begin brainstorming and discussing potential solutions.

Step 3: Our staff compiles all identified stressors, discussion from the worksite visits and potential solutions/recommendations before having a meeting with the staff (workers, department directors, health and safety representatives) to discuss possible solutions.

Step 4: Our staff completes a final report with summary of risk factors identified, potential solutions identified, and recommendations.


Office Ergonomic Program


Standard Program

Step 1: Our Staff will meet with your company representative to discuss your specific needs for an Office Injury Prevention Program.

Step 2: Our Staff will provide initial training for use of the Ergonomic Self Assessment Form and an internal ergonomic company representative.

Step 3: Your internal office ergonomics program will start to identify workers that have concerns at their workstation and you will be able to provide basic intervention as well as identify when further intervention is needed.

Step 4: Our Staff will provide formal ergonomic assessments for your staff as needed. The formal ergonomic assessments will include employee education and recommendations for improved positioning as appropriate.

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