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Functional Job Descriptions & Pre Work Screens

Functional Job Descriptions

The Functional Job Description (FJD) provides an in-depth analysis of a job with the end result being a written Functional Job Description serving multiple purposes. The analysis may include precise weights, number of repetitions, amount of force, etc. Specific ergonomic recommendations can be made for long- and short-term options to improve the ergonomics of the job tasks and decrease exposure to job stressors. The service is somewhat time intensive, but the end product provides a very accurate description of the job requirements.

The FJD is used as a foundation for developing Pre-Work Screens, job matching tools, and ergonomic solutions for your company's future.


Pre-Work Screening

The Pre-Work Screen (PWS) is an essential component of the post-offer preplacement physical. The PWS objectively measures the employee's ability to safely perform the essential physical functions of the job. A PWS is developed from the functional job description. Specially trained therapists observe the employee's performance of selected tasks and evaluate the employee's ability to safely perform the tasks.

Using the Functional Job Description, a test is developed to determine if potential hires can safely meet the physical requirements of the job. The test is administered by our trained staff as part of the post-offer employment requirement. Once the test is established it can be utilized for new hires, current employees wishing to transfer into a different position, and/or for return to work.

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