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Therapy: Clinic Based or Onsite

All therapy is not created equal. Employer Solutions therapists have advanced training (DSI Work Solution Certified and designations as a WorkWell Quality Provider) handling work injury. Employer Solutions therapists understand goals and needs of the worker and the employer. Our therapists also recognize the importance of evaluating both the nature of the work and the capabilities of the worker.

Benefits to the employee and employer:

Onsite Therapy

Onsite therapy can be arranged for your facility according to your special needs. Onsite therapy and worksite musculoskeletal wellness initiatives aid in reducing injury, improving accessibility to quality therapy for your employees and, in turn, improving productivity.

In-Clinic Therapy

Employer Solutions has a fully equipped rehabilitation gym with all of the standard rehab tools as well as highly specialized equipment including surface EMG and Med-ex for back strengthening. We have a large variety of industrial items which allow work simulation tasks during treatment.

Return to Work Focus

Our therapists assess the employee's abilities on an ongoing basis. We are able to work with the employer regarding the employee's abilities to perform regular duty job tasks and/or limited duty job tasks. We provide the medical providers with information regarding the employee's progress and recommendations regarding their ability to progress with work activities as often as is appropriate for each individual that we treat.

Online Bill Payment

For your convenience, Employer Solutions now offers online bill payment! To access the payment portal, please click the link based on your invoice/service location:

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